Free Poker Chips: No Deposit Required

How to get free poker chips for playing online poker

The goal of this website is to show you which online poker rooms and poker affiliates offer the best:

… and you never have to hand over any credit card details or make a deposit in any way.  EVER.
It´s called a “no-deposit bonus” and in 2013, is giving $50 free to people who join their free poker community.   (Click the logo now or read more details below…)Click to claim your free cash

Why give away free poker bankrolls?

Poker companies want you to play in their online poker rooms.  In order to encourage you to play with them, they are happy to pay you real cash to play with in order to get you started.  It is their hope that you will become a loyal player and make your own deposits in the future.

What is the best way to get a no deposit bonus for online poker? currently offers the best deals for new players who want to get “no deposit bonuses” with poker rooms.  They actually provide 3 bonuses and you can get them all, very easily.  Click on the links to receive your starting capital.

  1. Free $50 to use at a choice of online poker rooms
    (this option requires that you pass a basic poker quiz to show you are are not a scammer)

  2. Free $10 with PKR  (no quiz, just sign up)

  3. Free $7.70 with Poker 770  (no quiz, just sign up)

The steps needed to get your Free $50 of poker chips for online poker are:

Click through to

(Over 1.1 million people have already done these 3 steps and have received their free poker money – you can too!)

“Free poker chips for real money poker, not just Zynga”

online poker has been assisting poker players world-wide to get started in online poker for over 4 years.

We are good at it and we enjoy introducing the sport of poker to more and more people, especially those who are new to poker and still have a lot ot learn about tis great game.

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